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Product Highlights:
Active speakers dimensions:L117*W105*H205mm
Power RMS:3W*2
Frequency response:80Hz-18KHz
Signal input:2*RCA
Signal input cable length: 120cm
Wired volume controller cable length:120cm
Product Description:
GT-67represents the line of economical speaker systems created by GuangTu company as an anti-crisis solution 
for comfortable and inexpensive listening to music, watching films and sounding computer games.
GT-67 is the second cheap speaker system in the line of GuangTu wooden acoustics, differing from its predecessor with 
enhanced power and size. However, its main advantage remains unchanged: combination of easy use, simple handling and reasonable cost.
Volume and treble controls are located on the front panel, as well as power switch. It is very convenient and handy.
On the rear panel there are inputs for connecting various audio sources: PCs, DVD/CD/MP3 players.
GT-67 is optimal correlation of price and quality, and that’s why – excellent choice for those who know how to count their money.